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My family and home-URGENT

Posted by shirin 2874 days ago Relationships| debt court money home
Please all pray for my family and our home. May the Lord carry us through this very difficult situation, a county court judgement for costs of £19,000.00 has been made against us. We have managed to get loans for £14,000.00 but have no way of satisfying the remaining amount. Please pray that God will put it in their hearts to accept our offer and not force the sale of our family home. it will cru Read More
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Save Our Home

Posted by keithy 2967 days ago Money| home children family safety
Please pray for my husband and I and our 7 kids. We need to raise the money to stay in our home. Please raise our prayer in Jesus name. We believe God will make paths through our problems.
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New House Loan

Posted by billybob9876 3008 days ago General| mortgage family home
We have applied for a home loan to purchase a new home. I have enough money to put 50% down but I have bad credit. My family fell in love with this house and on Wednesday, Nov 24, 2009, the bank will make their decision if we will get the loan. We have already been turned down once and I have been praying to God that he answers my prayers and let us get the house loan. I trust God and I know that Read More
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financial blessing

Posted by leeleesmommy 3021 days ago Money| debt car home
Please pray that God helps me find a way to pay my past due debts and to purchase a car and the ability to get a home for my toddler daughter and I. The last few years have been difficult and heartbreaking both financially and emotionally. I know God is GREAT and he answers all prayers. I am praying for $15,000 to help me start a new and move forward with my life. In Jesus name I pray. Read More
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