Prayer Requests for homeless

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Quitting smoking and need money for a place to live

Posted by ItsASecret 2994 days ago Money| homeless money bills husband
Basically, I moved from NY to WA, I came with nothing and now I am having huge financial troubles. I have two dollars for the next two or three weeks. Read More
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9 Prayers Pray!

Homeless young man

Posted by mpratt 2999 days ago Children| son bipolar homeless
My 18 year old son was arrested for getting his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant. He went to jail for a year. He is now 21 and a convicted felon and a level 2 sex offender. He is also homeless and jobless. He has bipolar too. Please pray that my son will find a job and a home before he starves to death or freezes to death. Read More
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9 Prayers Pray!

Joe in SF, CA has HIV, HPV cancer and is homeless.

Posted by pearlcollector 3009 days ago Health| hiv cancer homeless
Joe lives in San Francisco, CA. Joe is 47 years old. I know of Joe through my daughter, they were once co-workers. He
has been known to have HIV for a number of years. Here recently, he had boils on his buttocks which began to bleed and could not be stopped. He lost over 4 pints of blood. He has recently been diagnosed with HPV anal cancer and has indicated he does not want treatment for th Read More
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We reach our fundraising goal for the hungry,homeless,poor

Posted by candleman888 3023 days ago In The News| hunger hungry poor homeless promise — Pray request that everyone on earth reads this story! It is a fundraiser for the Homeless,hungry,poor, and less fortunate.
Pray that this promise is fulfilled for our fellowman, and that helpers will join in this effort. Read More
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