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house purchase

Posted by rose 1500 days ago Money| house
please pray to our lord that the house registration of my sister completes today without any confusion and hassles.They are worried and are waiting for a miracle .Please let the lord our god intervene and resolve all the issues and let all the matters be resolved today without any problem and peacefully.
She has struggled a lot for this.Please lord please help, protect and bless them and the reg Read More
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loan sanction and early loan amount disperse for my sister

Posted by rose 1552 days ago Money| house loan
please pray to our lord for the home loan approval and sanction for my sister's house they are worried and desperately looking for a miracle from our lord jesus.Please lord please let the registration of their house complete without any hassle let the loan required by them get dispersed at the earliest .Please lord guide and protect them Read More
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arrangement of finance for house

Posted by rose 1568 days ago Money| house sister
Please pray for my sister that they are smoothly able to arrange all the finances that is need for the house purchase at the earliest.They are worried and tensed.Please pray for them so that God will guide and help them in all they financial burdens and ease their pains and worries Read More
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house loan with low interest rate and approval

Posted by rose 1617 days ago Money| house loan
Please pray to our lord Jesus,That we may find the bank with lowest possible home loan interest rate which will approve our loan and that our loan gets approved and we are able to get the house registered at the earliest.
This is all our saving and this is all that we have as our finance.
Also pray for my sister for the same intention. Read More
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please pray that we may find the best house at the earliest

Posted by rose 1659 days ago General| house
house for us please guide and lead us to the best house for us,Lord our guide and protector.
Lord this is all that we have, we have never enjoyed our fancy desires but saved up all for our house .Please lead us to the best house for us.
all our visit and house hunts are leading to nowhere.
please help us lord .
protect us from selfish and cheating landowners
Help us in finding the best house Read More
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house for us

Posted by rose 1679 days ago Money| house
please pray that we get a good house.
All our finance depend on it
Please God help us,this is all our saving
please protect and guide us
God you are our protector and our guide.
Please help my sister as well Read More
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obtain the back portion fine and be included in the layout

Posted by rose 3018 days ago Money| house property
please prayer that the current property matter is resolved and we obtain the back property without much struggle.We have always sidelined our priorities for this venture,please prayer that we obtain the new back portion and be included in the layout without much struggle,all our complete year's sacrifice is based on this deal.please pray for the same.please... Read More
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my job

Posted by wakememia 3035 days ago Career| house son heath
my job called me five hours ago .and told me not to come to work. they will let me .know. i work in the nursing . ihave been there. 8and ahalf years . ineed the a new mangerment. there letting people go . they want to hire new people. my boss told me he will.let. me know by mon help me in prayer to keep my job.thank you. and god bless you all Read More
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In need of a job to save my home and family

Posted by stevemac1 3037 days ago Money| job career family house
God, I am a sinner. I have sinned and ask You for forgiveness. I know that my sins have lead me to this point in my life. My lies, my cheating, my stealing, have all brought me down this horrible path that I lead. I ask for your forgiveness, cleanse me and make me a better disciple. My wife Joanne, and my sons Alec and Evan are counting on me to provide for them.

I need a good paying job tha Read More
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my mom car and pain

Posted by zackt112 3040 days ago Health| mom health money car house
For my mother. She doesn't have a car or a house because she lost it all due to a disability. I pray that she gets a car and home so I can go back home and live with her. Read More
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