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Job Interview

Posted by Northernsnow 2935 days ago Career| interview career husband
My husband is on his way to his third interview for a company. He has been unemployed for most of last year and would be a wonderful asset to this company. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts today.

In God's Name
Thank you. Read More
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2 Prayers Pray!

please pray for my brother's interview

Posted by fazalhsp 2944 days ago Career| interview
in the name of lord

dear brothers and sisters,

my brother asghar ali has an interview. that interview is very important to his life and to the family so i kindly request you to pray for my brother strongly to get that job

thanks in advance
may lord be with us always Read More
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jesus monday rn is having his interview.

Posted by binasatapathy 3032 days ago Career| interview
Father see that rn has his interview on monday and attend it happily without any hassle.Father you know how much we are in need of money and job.please take care of your children jesus we have so much faith on you. Read More
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Job Interview

Posted by nthabee 3037 days ago Career| job interview
I greet U all, in the name of Jesus Christ our Love and Saviour
My Prayer Request if for a Job that I applied for, I have been invited for an interview on the 28th October at 10h00, I ask that U pray for me to get God's favour as I meet all the requirements for the Job. This is what I have always wanted, and I pray that God will hear my prayer and my pleading! May God grant me this Job in Jesus' Read More
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