Prayer Requests for jason

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Help getting a job

Posted by ButterflyGirl 1520 days ago Career| job jason heather income
Hello, please pray for my boyfriend Jason and my friend Heather to get jobs. Heather is struggling to find a job and Jason went for an interview and this is his dream job. Please pray that he gets the job please. This will also help us because we want to get married but can't if he has no income. please pray for them. Read More
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Please pray God gives me strenght

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3009 days ago Relationships| jason boyfriend love
Hello, Recently my boyfriend Jason and I broke up. Though many hours of pray went into keeping us together,it was obviously not meant to be. I still love him with all my heart and it just does not seem over. please pray the Lord gives me strenght to do what is needed to be ok. Read More
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Exams and Jason stress

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3029 days ago Relationships| jason exam love talking healing
Hello, please pray for me. i am writing my exams very soon but my relationship trouble with jason is hindering my concentration. we love each other very much but we are not talking. * my friend Tumi and her boyfriend are also having problems and she also writes exams. please pray for both our exams and healing in our relationship. Read More
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Urgent Relationship Problems

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3042 days ago Relationships| jason relationship boyfriend
im so saddened by the way the devil has messed with my relationship. my boyfriend and i haven't spoken since friday. today is wed night. Jason and I love each other very much but something is really wrong. please pray for us urgently Read More
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Relationship is on the rocks

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3045 days ago Relationships| boyfriend jason no talking
My relationship seems to be getting worse. i know Jaon loves me and i love my boyfriend with all my heart. i want to marry him but we have not spoken in 3 days at all and this is very unlike us. this is very painful.Please pray the Lord reunites us and makes us stronger. Read More
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Relationship breaking down

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3047 days ago Relationships| jason boyfriend
My relationship with my boyfriend, Jason, seems to be getting worse. our problems began out of nowhere and I'm really confused and hurt. i love him and i know he loves me but the devil is at work destroying our relationship and robbing us of our peaceful and loving relationship. Jason has turned cold and mean. please pray for us in Jesus' Mighty Name. Read More
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my relationship

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3049 days ago Relationships| jason boyfriend
recently my relationship has been a mess. it came out of no where and began soon after i started praying for Jason's salvation. the odd thing is that i have not told Jason that i pray for him. The very week i started praying was the week he turned cold and unloving. please pray that our relationship can overcome this and that my boyfriend meets the Lord. Read More
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