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My mother..

Posted by ryokobunny88 2837 days ago Health| cancer mother family jesus god
My mother has been diagnosed what might be lung cancer, she has a mass in her lungs that will require surgery. She is my world, please pray for her. Read More
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healing and return of jesus

Posted by noel777 2842 days ago Health| help jesus
Hi,i am in desperate dad has grandmother is in a
nursing home and my mother & brother don’t seem to understand the
situation.please pray for the return of Jesus.if God can do
anything.sending his son back now would be a blessing. can someone pray for the return of Jesus according to Matthew
18:19 'that if any of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing
they shall ask Read More
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Prayer for freedom from sin

Posted by Natnael 2950 days ago Relationships| jesus help me out sin
Thank you for your generous offer. I need your biggest prayer. I am a Christian since I was a child. And by the mercy of god, I have served god since my 14 until today (I am 18 year boy now) . Lately, for one year I have been in a sin that I can’t get out of it!!!!!! I am so sorry to tell you, the sin is masturbating. And I keep doing it!!!!!! Please help!!!!!???? And when I pray I don’t do it. Read More
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To be filled with Jesus

Posted by Marliza 3015 days ago General| jesus
Please agree with me in prayer that I may be filled with Jesus to the fullest.. Thank You so much.. In Jesus Name, Amen Read More
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