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pray for our strength

Posted by aliceg 2702 days ago Relationships| boyfriend kids love help strength
My boyfriend and I have to be separated because his children do not want to accept me. Please let our God given love prevail. Let God smooth over everyone's objections. Grant me the strength overcome my fears that I will lose my boyfriend. Grant us both peace. Read More
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for the good health for my sister's twins

Posted by rose 2711 days ago Health| health kids
Please pray to our lord that my sister's twins who are not keeping well, recover quicky and return to hale and healthy lifestyle again.
please pray for my sister she is worried about them .Please lord please help them recover quicky.Protect and bless them with healthy life. Read More
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Orphan kids

Posted by santilata 2930 days ago Children| kids
Please pray for 85 orphan kids who are staying with me now, please pray for this kids how they will get sponsorship for their education, food and for other improvements, they are not getting any sponsor for any where, its very hard to give them food at least. please pray to God on behalf of us that how the children will get sponsorship and will stay happily in this world like the other children a Read More
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Posted by naejcml 2962 days ago Money| husband father mother kids
for my marriage to be restored,that JESUS will touch my father and mother to support me financially and to buy the house they promise me,one here on bacolod and one in manila, for the cornea on my son matthew to be hea

aurora s.gonzaga Read More
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Posted by sharongeorge 3017 days ago Children| kids jobs kry peace family .happiness
Dear Father

i seem to be asking this prayer over and over again and feel that your just not listening to boys need jobs ,and this would help with all the stress and tension that's in the family .please help them find work ,let someone please give them a job
amen Read More
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prayer for kids

Posted by luho 3037 days ago Children| kids studies
Please pray for my two boys,so to concentrate in studies,because till now they have no interest in studies. Read More
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11 More Children Dead from Swine Flu

Posted by memo9 3046 days ago Children| h1n1 swine flu prayer request kids
The swine flu is causing an unprecedented amount of illness for this early in the fall, with the deaths of 11 more children reported since Sept 1 in the US.

Please pray the swine flu can be contained so no more children need to die. Read More
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Fake Bus Driver Attempts to Abduct Children

Posted by memo9 3047 days ago Children| fake bus driver prayer request kids
Earlier today, a fake bus driver attempted to abduct several young kids. The Willow River Elementary School kids were waiting for the morning bus to take them to school when a grey-haired woman driving a short, plain yellow bus stopped.

Please pray that the police can catch this woman. Read More
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3 year old Pulls 27 tv down on herself and dies

Posted by mike 3069 days ago Children| kids phoenix child tv — Please pray for the family of the 3 year old in Phoenix who was killed when she pulled a 27 inch TV down on herself. Her young, 17-year-old parents were performing CPR on her when police arrived.
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Please pray for 3 year old Jay

Posted by mike 3071 days ago Children| brain cancer health kids — Please pray for Jay. He is 3 years old. He has been battling brain cancer since May 2008. Read More
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