Prayer Requests for marriage

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Pray for Stacey, Pray for our Marriage

Posted by charliet 2807 days ago Relationships| love marriage grace hope faith
Please pray to God to soften Stacey's heart and to re-ignite the passion, love, and desire between she and I. Please ask God to fill us with his grace, faith, and love. Please ask God to watch over us and ensure we rebuild the marital bond we took in his name. Read More
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Finances, Marriage

Posted by JustKevin 2919 days ago Money| money marriage relationship
Please pray that I may get my finances in order. It is putting a tremendous strain on my marriage. Please pray that my wife may have the patience and forgiveness to see us through this and realize her part in the situation. Please pray that she will want to work on and fix the things about our relationship and about herself. Also pray that God finds his way into her heart. Read More
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My husband's salvation

Posted by Remmy 2927 days ago Relationships| salvation marriage
I am married to a Muslim that allow me to go to church with my kids. But recently, he as been given me lots of problem that the children are not used to Islam religion. Before this time, the spirit of God reveals that he is in bondage of religion and we should pray for him fervently because he (God) want to use him. Kindly join me in praying for him before this home will scattered.He is the fathe Read More
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Pray for Marriage

Posted by cmorrow 2938 days ago Relationships| marriage divorce
Please pray for my marriage of 23 yrs. Please pray that my wife Bonnie chooses to reconcile our marriage and that her plans to do a divorce don't go through. My wife believes that God is telling her that I have had multiple affairs. Please pray that God reveals the truth to her. Please pray that God softens and convicts her heart and that we are able to love each other the way God's word calls us Read More
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Parents Marriage

Posted by ButterflyGirl 2942 days ago Relationships| marriage lana boundries
Please pray for my parents marriage. my father does not know boundries with other woman. please pray that the Lord remove Lana from my parents marriage and my fathers life. please pray in Jesus' name that he remove all temptation in the form of this woman. This has destroyed our family but with your help in pray, I know the Lord will fix us. thank you Read More
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Posted by candaceteesdale 2945 days ago Relationships| marriage
Please pray for my marriage. my husband and i have been separated for 3 years and he is presently seeking a divorce.He is presently in an adulterous relationship thats why he left.nothing is impossible with God. Read More
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sick boyfriend,his healing ,our marriage and job

Posted by miley 2953 days ago Relationships| sick boyfriend his healing marriage
i need help...
i'm in love with a guy who is very mature... we both love each other very sincerely... we haven't shared our love with anyone on this earth.. we were too intimate... many times we have realized that this intimacy is wrong and something against god's will.... but we were sure to get married.... he was in good job though his salary was less.... we are from different caste.. in spite Read More
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pray for my sick boyfriend, his healing,our job, our marriage , our future, and my inferiority complex

Posted by miley 2953 days ago Relationships| sick boyfriend his healing job marriage
i'm suffering from inferiority complex from my childhood.everyone says i'm a waste,useless,good for nothing and one values my existence except my lover.though I've been a class representative,the hospitality committee leader in my college i feel too inferior. I've been placed in two companies during campus recruitment.if someone else was in my place they would have felt too superior.but s Read More
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Marriage Healing

Posted by nashvee 2961 days ago Relationships| marriage
Please pray for my marriage to go back to Normal and for my husband to forgive me for what I did wrong and also for my husband to be faithfull. Read More
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Marriage Reconciliation

Posted by moonoven 2966 days ago Relationships| marriage
Please pray that my wife be converted, open her heart to love me and reconcile our marriage. Read More
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