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my dad has bone cancer and is dying' i have bone dieseas all over my skelton and i just found out my 12 year old cancer

Posted by kathy256 2922 days ago Health| father cancer grandson cancer me
my dad has bone cancer and dying I have bone deaseas all over my skelton I just found out my 12 year old grandson might have brain cancer please everybody pray for us Read More
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Prayer for freedom from sin

Posted by Natnael 2978 days ago Relationships| jesus help me out sin
Thank you for your generous offer. I need your biggest prayer. I am a Christian since I was a child. And by the mercy of god, I have served god since my 14 until today (I am 18 year boy now) . Lately, for one year I have been in a sin that I can’t get out of it!!!!!! I am so sorry to tell you, the sin is masturbating. And I keep doing it!!!!!! Please help!!!!!???? And when I pray I don’t do it. Read More
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spiritual upliftment and meeting my future partner

Posted by fabkem 3019 days ago Relationships| me
i pray thet the lord let me know more of him by revealing himself to me.i also want the lord to let me meet the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh in a miraculous way Read More
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Sexual Problem

Posted by Wanaz 3035 days ago Relationships| me premature ejaculation
Please pray for me i acnt am faling to Please my woman in bed and i have no peace of mind becouse of this i fear she might leave me Read More
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my relationships

Posted by anir 3053 days ago Relationships| me my boyfriend others
I have been in relationship with this guy for last three and half years,and during all this time i was with him for just couple of times.I used to trust him more than anyone else in my life but during last one year i am facing so much trouble in understanding him,when i was not with him he slept so many times with my best friend and the worst thing was that i came to know about them that they had Read More
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