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Please pray for our first home.

Posted by Zahboo 2776 days ago Money| family debt credit mortgage
We are trying to purchase a home. We are currently in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. We have each room doubled up to fit our family. We have three generations in this house and have met hard times. Our landlord doesn't want us to own any animals, but they are a part of our life and we have found a home with more bedrooms, still 2 bath and I pray we can get it. It's an REO for only $14000 but our credi Read More
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4 Prayers Pray!

New House Loan

Posted by billybob9876 3008 days ago General| mortgage family home
We have applied for a home loan to purchase a new home. I have enough money to put 50% down but I have bad credit. My family fell in love with this house and on Wednesday, Nov 24, 2009, the bank will make their decision if we will get the loan. We have already been turned down once and I have been praying to God that he answers my prayers and let us get the house loan. I trust God and I know that Read More
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