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My amazing, beautiful, strong mother.

Posted by valeriemarie 2726 days ago Health| mother stomach problem
I'm 14 years old. My mother has been sick for the past two years with some stomach problem, and the doctors have no clue what it is. Please pray for her to make a recovery and just be healthy and not in pain. It kills me to see her depressed and crying like this every night. Thank you so much. Read More
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Please pray for my mom - she's in critical condition

Posted by solja7 2751 days ago Health| mother mom healing health critical
My mom diagnosed with brain aneurysm. Her brain blood vessel is ballooning because a disorder. She's very health and now she's in a critical condition. The ballooning vessel might break anytime. I read many sad stories about brain aneurysm. I hope my mom will make it through and she can be healthy again. I feel depressed because there's nothing I can do right now. It's all beyond our control. I c Read More
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My mother..

Posted by ryokobunny88 2868 days ago Health| cancer mother family jesus god
My mother has been diagnosed what might be lung cancer, she has a mass in her lungs that will require surgery. She is my world, please pray for her. Read More
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Mother, Anne

Posted by blair 2869 days ago Health| mother finances health
Please pray for my mother's safe and happy journey home. Send her guardian angels to keep her safe and healthy and loved at all times.Pray for a happy and fruitful result of her financial situations. Thank you God, Amen. Read More
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Mother's convalescence

Posted by Miguel 2880 days ago Health| mother convalescence recovery
Please pray that my mother Lise,who is now out of hospital,may convalesce peacefully at my brother's house and return to her home soon fully recovered.Thank You Father for her release from hospital and blessings to all who have prayed for her. Read More
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Prayer for my mother and others who are ill

Posted by PraiseGod 2885 days ago Health| mother tinnitus
Please pray for my mother that God will remove her tinnitus and ear problems and restore her to health. Please pray for a co-worker who has found she has cancer and others with similar issues. Read More
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Posted by naejcml 2964 days ago Money| husband father mother kids
for my marriage to be restored,that JESUS will touch my father and mother to support me financially and to buy the house they promise me,one here on bacolod and one in manila, for the cornea on my son matthew to be hea

aurora s.gonzaga Read More
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Prayer request for my mothers healing from the Cystitis

Posted by jagan 3032 days ago Health| mother
Hi brother'

my mother K.prema is suffering from lower abdominal pain for the past two months due to Cystitis (infection in urinary bladder) kindly pray to jesus to touch her heal her. I believe that jesus can cure all kind of diesease and i do have the faith in jesus. Please pray for my family

Jagan Read More
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Pray for Creative Miracle for my mother

Posted by andrestephen 3033 days ago Health| mother new cells endocrine system
Need URGENT prayers to Elohim (strong Creator) for creative miracles....That my UNDERWEIGHT Mother Dhana who is losing weight by the seconds will have a brand new endocrine system....that all dysfunctional cells and tissues will be REPLACED by brand NEW cells and tissues. Read More
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Prayer for Wife with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer of soldier stationed in Iraq

Posted by clj 3036 days ago Health| wife cancer mother iraq
(Gary is stationed in Iraq)

My name is Gary Hogman. My wife, Cindy, is 32 years old and has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer.

Her chances for survival are very slim.

Please pray and ask everyone you know to pray for the HEALING
of CINDY HOGMAN and the removal of all cancer from her body, so she may enjoy all that life has to offer, an Read More
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