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Minister killed on Christmas Eve

Posted by memo9 2947 days ago In The News| minister death ng shiu death new zealand
In New Zealand, a 61-year-old church minister (Sonny Saniva Ng Shiu) was killed on Christmas Eve when two 4WD vehicles collided and rolled . The Rev Sonny Saniva Ng Shiu was driving north along State Highway 2b when a southbound vehicle ... Read More
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2 Year Old Aisling Symes drowned in drain

Posted by m2a 3019 days ago In The News| toddler new zealand nz drain drown

Aisling Symes, a two year old toddler from Auckland New Zealand wandered off from her grandparents home on October 5th. After an exhaustive search, her body was found in a drain, which had a manhole accidentally left open by city workers.

Her funeral is tomorrow. Please pray for her parents and family members during this difficult ordeal. A statement released by her family said, "It's hard to Read More
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