Prayer Requests for pain

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freedom from pain,renewal

Posted by Miguel 2746 days ago Health| miguel pain renewal
Please pray that I may experience freedom from pain and discomfort and bodily renewal,that I may be open to God's healing power. Read More
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Healing for my stepfather, son and husband

Posted by pianoplayer61 2964 days ago Health| stepfather son husband pain cancer
I need prayer in many areas of my life.
1. My stepfather - he may have cancer. Please pray that it is nowhere else in his body and can be fully removed.
2. My son - was in a swimming accident last year and broke his neck. Please pray for healing in mind, body and spirit.
3. My husband - Please pray for relief from pain and understanding where my son is concerned and for sp Read More
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painful throat

Posted by jeanie14 2986 days ago Health| pain throat
I have been dealing with pain in my throat for days now because of a fishbone stuck in there. The swelling has started and swallowing is very painful. My right ear is also affected now. I pray for relief and healing and for it to not be infected. I seek fellow Christians' help in invoking God's help in healing me from this. I have faith in the power of more people praying. I have done this onlin Read More
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