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Sleep & Calmness

Posted by Miguel 2276 days ago General| sleep calmness peace daily life
Please pray that I may sleep deeply and soundly at nights and that I may experience greater calm and the peace that passeth all understanding in all the circumstances of my daily life. Read More
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Posted by sharongeorge 3017 days ago Children| kids jobs kry peace family .happiness
Dear Father

i seem to be asking this prayer over and over again and feel that your just not listening to boys need jobs ,and this would help with all the stress and tension that's in the family .please help them find work ,let someone please give them a job
amen Read More
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Michael's (29) birthday today..facing prison time

Posted by chelleco 3021 days ago General| strength peace joy to be used by god

Today is my son's 29th birthday. On Monday (Nov. 16th) he will go to court and expects to get 5 years in prison (3 years good time.) He is a Christian, but has already done about 3 years for his previous actions (resulting from meth use).

Please pray with me for God's will in Michael's life, and for strength, peace, and even joy in the midst of his trials. Also please pra Read More
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Direction and peace in my life

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3023 days ago Relationships| direction peace
Please pray for direction and peace in my life. lately life has not been what i want it to be. my boyfriend of three years abandonded me. my parents are fighting with me and i have fallen into a depression. i need guidance from the Lord so that my life can be perfect like it was before. Read More
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Relationships unity and love ,etc.

Posted by sbagby2love 3034 days ago Relationships| debt growth commitment peace
Please pray for my friends and family that I love dearly that all of their needs will be met. I have a special request for my friend Dario Garcia and his family that jobs and citizenship will work out in his favor. Healing will take place in his life in every area so he can help others do the same. Read More
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Please pray for me for peace of mind, concentration, and happiness

Posted by empowerment 3042 days ago Health| mental peace concentration health
I'm suffering from obssessive compulsive thoughts due to biochemical imbalances i think, it has caused me lots of stress and pain, and emotional flatness. tried almost everything hypnosis, accupunture, EFT, etc. Pls do help me pray for way to ultimate concentration, peace of mind, happiness and good mental health in all aspects. And ask God to guide me to a clear way that leads there. Thanks so m Read More
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