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Prayers for Mahjabeen

Posted by m2a 2018 days ago Children| health prayer request mahjabeen
Young Mahjabeen is critically ill and fighting for her life. Please pray for her health and speedy recovery. Read More
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Exams to start soon

Posted by ButterflyGirl 2123 days ago Education| exam prayer
Please pray that I am able to pass all my exams so that I can start my future as a teacher. thank you Read More
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Pray for Bryan

Posted by mike 2522 days ago Health| surgery pastor prayer
Our Care Pastor at our Church (Pastor Bryan) is getting back surgery done to relieve the intense pain he is in. Please pray for a successful surgery and a quick and full recovery. Read More
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Spiritual growth 2011

Posted by Miguel 2588 days ago General| prayer spiritual growth 2011
Please pray that I may grow in God's grace through this year and make more time for prayer and silence. Read More
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Pray for Aunt Mary

Posted by mike 2620 days ago Health| mary prayer recovery christmas pray

Please pray for my Aunt Mary. She is recovering from a hip surgery and currently has a post surgery infection, inflamed liver and distended stomach. She has been suffering with various issues for the last 20 years (lung transplant, on dialysis). She really wants to be home for Christmas.

Thanks in advance for your prayers. Read More
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Former Phillies lefthander Tom Underwood died

Posted by mike 2643 days ago In The News| tom underwood phillies death prayer — Former Phillies lefthander Tom Underwood died Monday of pancreatic cancer, according to his hometown newspaper, the Kokomo (Ind.) Tribune.

Please pray for his friends, family, and fans who are dealing with the loss of Tom. Read More
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82-year-old Lancaster woman died

Posted by mike 2643 days ago In The News| crash death lancaster pa prayer
An 82-year-old Lancaster woman died and seven other people were injured Thursday night when two vehicles crashed in Lancaster.

Read More
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Please pray for Catherine

Posted by mike 2651 days ago Children| child prayer prayer request catherine
Please pray for Catherine ... She was rushed to the hospital after she threw up & passed out. They discovered she had a massive anurism (at age 13). She was flown to Children's Hospital where they did emergency surgery. There is a lot of swelling and there are issues with her getting the proper amount of oxyen. Things do not look good right now. Please pray for her & her family Read More
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Need a Miracle for 8 year old Elle - Time is running out

Posted by mike 2658 days ago Children| elle cancer prayer miracle

A friend has an 8 year old daughter named Elle who has been battling a brain tumor for the past three years. Unfortunately, they recently received news that the brain tumor has become very aggressive. There are few options left and it looks like Elle will not be with us much longer.

Please pray for Elle to have strength during this time and for a Miracle. God loves to do the impossible... Read More
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Please Pray for my Dad - Bacterial Meningitis

Posted by mike 2742 days ago Health| father bacterial meningitis prayer
My father, Robert, has been diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. He was on a return flight to VA from Oregon when he was found to be unresponsive at a flight change in Denver. He has been admitted into the ICU. Please pray for my father to survive meningitis without any long term effects and for God to bless the doctors and decision makers with wisdom, discernment, knowledge and understanding. Read More
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