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A Memphis high school is in mourning after the tragic death of a 15 year old football player

Posted by mike 2008 days ago Children| prayer request

A Memphis high school is in mourning after the tragic death of a football player, who fell dead after what is believed to be a completely innocuous collision during a traditional afternoon practice. Read More
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Pray for Aunt Jane

Posted by mike 2260 days ago Health| health jane prayer request
Please pray for my wife's Aunt Jane. She is in the hospital after breaking her hip and is not doing well. Read More
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Pray for Ava

Posted by mike 2645 days ago In The News| ava prayer request brain stem glioma

Just 31 days after her 4th birthday, Ava suffered a seizure. She was brought to Community Medical Center where she was life flighted to The Children Hospital of Philadelphia. After a multitude of tests, Ava was diagnosed with Brain Stem Glioma, the worst type of cancer. Read More
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Please pray for Catherine

Posted by mike 2651 days ago Children| child prayer prayer request catherine
Please pray for Catherine ... She was rushed to the hospital after she threw up & passed out. They discovered she had a massive anurism (at age 13). She was flown to Children's Hospital where they did emergency surgery. There is a lot of swelling and there are issues with her getting the proper amount of oxyen. Things do not look good right now. Please pray for her & her family Read More
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Evangelist Oral Roberts Died at age 91

Posted by mike 2988 days ago In The News| oral roberts prayer request prayers

Evangelist Oral Roberts died Tuesday from complications of pneumonia in Newport Beach, California. Oral Roberts died at age 91 after having spent the last 74 years spreading gods word (60 of them under the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association).

Please pray Oral Roberts' family & friends who are dealing with his loss. Read More
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39 Killed in Mosque in Pakistan - 17 were children

Posted by mike 2999 days ago In The News| mosque killing prayer request pakistan
A bunch of gunmen entered a mosque near Pakistan’s army headquarters and killed 39 people who were praying. Of the worshippers killed, 17 were children, and 6 were military officers. Please pray for ... Read More
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World AIDS Day 12/1 - Please Pray

Posted by frank909 3004 days ago Health| aids world aids day prayer request pray

World AIDS day is this Tuesday, 12/1. We should pray for all of those who suffer from the disease and the impact of those around them with the AIDS disease. Here are the stats from ...

Read More
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I am loving a catholic girl.i am a hindu. we want to marry,

Posted by AJIMON 3007 days ago Relationships| catholic prayer request
I am loving a catholic girl.i am a hindu. we want to marry, but our perents can't understand our feelings. Read More
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Prayer Request for President Obama

Posted by frank909 3015 days ago In The News| president obabma prayer request

Please pray that President Obama's presidency be guided by the hand of god and that his decisions be made with the influence of God... and that God would soften his heart in some areas and help him to make the right choices. Read More
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Mother allowed 5 year old Daughter to be Kidnapped for Sexual Servitude

Posted by memo9 3020 days ago Children| shanyi davis kidnapping prayer request

The mother of a missing 5-year-old girl (Shanyi Davis) was charged Saturday with allowing her daughter to be taken "with the intent that she be held in sexual servitude," according to police.

Shaniya Davis has been missing since Tuesday morning ... Read More
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