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Posted by sharongeorge 2628 days ago Relationships| relationships family
As a mother it pains me to see my children fight.I want them to be close to each other as i dont have a lot of extended family they are my life.Please prince of peace help them learn forgiveness and love for one another.Please pray that i have harmony in my family
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Posted by Couldnotsavehim 2881 days ago Relationships| relationships loss
Three years ago I lost my six year old son in a car accident. He died in front of me and with that came alot of guilt. My marriage ended four months later in part because my wife blamed me and in part because i blamed myself. I now have also lost my girlfriend of a year and half. She means to world to me and because of her I have gotten closer to the Lord. I pray for her love and her return. Read More
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Prayer request

Posted by indeana 2996 days ago Money| life finances relationships
Please pray that the Lord will grant me supernatural financial increase to settle all my debts and pay for my various family needs. For favor and divine connections for new business opportunities. That the Lord will bless me with a good husband soon. Thank you. Read More
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I need my life on track

Posted by Desireeneedsprayer 3013 days ago Health| health relationships family
I need prayer for my health Desiree Jaleesa White and my sons health Zyaire Alexander Deloach and my friend Matthew John Levy's health I also need prayer that I will be able to keep my unborn baby and that he or she will be healthy because I had a miscariage in feb 09 and I'm pregnant again and I really need prayer because me and my son are kind of homeless we don't have a set place to stay and I Read More
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