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arrangement of finance for house

Posted by rose 1566 days ago Money| house sister
Please pray for my sister that they are smoothly able to arrange all the finances that is need for the house purchase at the earliest.They are worried and tensed.Please pray for them so that God will guide and help them in all they financial burdens and ease their pains and worries Read More
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Sister in ICU, Nephew in NICU!!

Posted by anjoli 3012 days ago Health| baby sister nicu icu clot lung
Please pray for my older sister. She has a blood clot in her lung (a risk of long labor) and is in the ICU. In addition, she has a premature baby in a different hospital in the NICU, waiting for her return. Please pray for them both!! Sister's name is Alaina. Baby's name is Gregory. Thanks! Read More
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for my sister that God may touch her

Posted by barehj 3022 days ago General| sister salvation
Please pray for my sister jecica so that God will soften her heart and she will see and experience more of the love of God in her life, to take away her anxieties by letting Lord Jesus to lead her life.SHE NEEDS JESUS.But she cannot see that and she is stubborn.She needs more understanding of his love also.Pray for me also, so that i have more faith and strength ,in guiding her to the LORD. Read More
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Prayer Request for my Sister

Posted by dibya11 3032 days ago Health| sister depression
Please pray for my sister Susmita. She is under severe mental depression due to a personal tragedy. She is totally troubled, she has become withdrawn from other family members and has almost stopped talking even with our parents with whom she is living. Her state can be best described as a living dead, it is that severe. We are getting very much afraid with her condition. Please, please help her. Read More
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For my family

Posted by sunimaryy 3046 days ago In The News| pappa amma sister my hubby and baby
When i was 17 years old From +2,I got leg probs,Till now i am suffering from foot problem,I can't use any normal cheppels,I got feelings about my leg only after my marriage,now a days my hubby is seriously watching other cute girls legs and all.I am begging to God to help me,kindly pray for me... Read More
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Posted by paulazolisa 3047 days ago Career| mysefl sister
please pray with em that i get a permanent job with a better salary in which I'm qualified to sister is also desperate as she is a qualified paramedic.we need a breakthrough to enable us at least afford a house,transport means and look after a little brother at Varsity. Read More
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