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Employee and Lies

Posted by Joyful123 2962 days ago General| employee miracle spiritual warfare
We have an employee who worked for us who has told numerous lies, we lost contracts due to her dishonest deeds. We need divine intervention, justice and wisdom. Please pray for a miracle, as we are at a loss in this situation and have no way to rectify the damage done to all parties involved. Blessings to you for your prayers.
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Urgent Prayer needed; Under Attack

Posted by leannekirsch1968 3021 days ago Children| domestic violence spiritual warfare
I submitted prayer request yesterday and it was answered. We got an adjournment of court proceedings. However, things are still not going right. The psychologist in our case appears to be recommending that my children be placed with their father who is violent. I am scared for their safety. Please pray that the children's custody will remain with me. Please pray spiritual warfare will end! Read More
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Serving Papua New Guinea

Posted by daniellapoint 3039 days ago Travel| safety health spiritual warfare funds
David Matsumura and Daniel La Point are traveling to Papua New guinea to spiritually encourage missionary students by leading worship and bringing spiritual growth. Pray for their safety and spiritual energy. Ask for the Spirit of God to be their helper and continual source of strength for the whole month of November. Read More
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