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Please pray for my Grandfather's recovery.

Posted by texasgal 2779 days ago Health| grandfather stroke
My Grandfather recently had a stroke, and things are just getting worse. Please pray that he will recover and be with us for many years to come. He is the father of nine and grandfather of 28. Read More
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Please Pray For My Grandma Vera Crowder

Posted by kareymegan2 2853 days ago Health| stroke
Please pray for my Grandma Vera Crowder. She was found unresponsive today at her home. The doctor determined she had a stroke. They flew her to Methodist hospital. Read More
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Stroke victim Stephen Pucket

Posted by tina1113 3002 days ago Health| friends father stroke bad shape
My e-mail friends father had 2 strokes on Saturday.He suffers from serious memory loss&confusion. His name is Steve Puckett.Please pray God will restore his brain function.Thanks so much. Read More
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to have a big money for i can put my mother in the hospital

Posted by HOPE 3028 days ago Money| ulcer stroke rayuma athritice back pain

Dear Jesus, please heared my prayer,i want my mother still alive untill 90 years old,she 61 years old now and got stroke,bad stomach pain,(bad ulcer) bad athritise,back pain.ect.. i would like to put her into the hospital,there is have a doctor can see my mother what she really need and what medicine they can give her,doctors knows what they should do to her, her half body is died already and can Read More
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for healing

Posted by tmeans 3041 days ago all| mother stroke
Please pray for my mother. She had a stroke and is in ICU.
thank you
Tim Read More
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