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Please Pray For Robin

Posted by cirrus1965 2714 days ago Career| teachers employment work education
After 18 months, Robin, a computer science teacher, finally had a promising interview today. Please pray that the administrators look on him favorably and offer him a position with the school.
God Bless Read More
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4 Prayers Pray!

Prayer Group

Posted by visagie7 2997 days ago Relationships| wife work finances
I need a miracle in my finances I've been unemployed for several years as well as my wife and my wife wants to leaving me after 26years of marriage since I can no longer provide for us and I'm busy losing my house Pray that God will change her heart and my situation please my wife Jeanette heart that she can hear God's voice and experience His "Agapay" Love in Jesus Name Read More
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prayer for my current work

Posted by lonelygalfrommanila 2997 days ago Career| work
Glory be to god!My prayer petition is regarding my work.I pray that i may pass our QA(Quality Assurance) this month with regards to all my conversations to my customers over the phone.I hope that customers may appreciate my effort with them.I ask for more patience especially if im dealing with a very difficult customer.That i may stay calm always no matter how they are insulting me so much.For my Read More
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Posted by michellebelen 3014 days ago Career| work
Lord, please stay beside me always as you have promised. I need You to guide me in everything that I do, everyday. I love You and I want to follow You. Thank You for all Your blessings. Read More
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Posted by AVERIL 3028 days ago Money| work
Dear Prayer warriors
I asked you to pray for me earlier today but I do not see it on the website.
I need urgent prayers for employment. My contract ended Sept 30 and although I have had my CV out up till now I have not heard anything. I need funds for everyday living expenses.

Please dear Jesus hear my prayer for gainful employment, so that I can relax in peace knowing my bills are paid and Read More
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Jesus help me to have Financial Stability, Growth, Business success

Posted by Rosetta 3047 days ago Money| money business food work
Dear Jesus,
Please open doors for my business and money to grow. Jesus send people to help me to have 1000 of customers and reaching nations.
Provide for me today, so that I can have an income and help my son, mother and family. Thank you Lord.

In Jesus Name Amen Read More
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Career change within same organization

Posted by m2a 3072 days ago Career| career change job work switch
I need to change the department I work for within the same organization because I am not happy with what I am doing right now. Although there is an opportunity for me to make a move and switch out of the department I work in to a new department, I am concerned because I'm not sure how I will fit in in the new department and whether or not it's the right career move for me. Please pray that I make Read More
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