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15 mos. old Maddie Reynolds

Posted by mike 3075 days ago Children| leukemia kids
Please pray for 15 mos. old Maddie Reynolds. She was diagnosed with Leukemia. She is going through 6 straight days of chemo. Please pray for her comfort during this ordeal.
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3069 days ago
15 mos. old Maddie finished round 1 of chemo. But had to go back to hospital with fever. Please continue to pray for her.
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3063 days ago
Dear lord, I want to bring to you Maddie Reynolds and her Family, I pray that Maddie will be strong and full of faith as she proceeds with her chemo treatments and that her body takes the the bad cells away and Lord put new healthy cells in thier place, Lord make her body well, comfort her Family as they go through this trail. In the name of our Heavenly Father Amen.
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