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Posted by Preethianne 2941 days ago Relationships| boyfriend
This guy(Joel Bruce)fell in love with me. At first i did not accept. i told him about God s will and all for which he said he also knows God has a plan for everyone s life. Later i accepted him ONLY DUE TO SYMPATHY coz a girl had already cheated him. After i accepted he was very happy but after some days he broke up with me telling me that he is not suitable for me. Recently i came to know that he is severely addicted to drugs and alcohol. Please pray that he should be delivered from such evil practices, change his ways and come to an intimate relationship with Jesus. He must be completely transformed by the love of God and he must get born again. He has been dismissed from college so pls pray that he should succeed in studies and job as well.Many girls try to seduce him. he must not get into adulterous traps. Pls pray evryday.
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