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Exams and Jason stress

Posted by ButterflyGirl 3032 days ago Relationships| jason exam love talking healing
Hello, please pray for me. i am writing my exams very soon but my relationship trouble with jason is hindering my concentration. we love each other very much but we are not talking. * my friend Tumi and her boyfriend are also having problems and she also writes exams. please pray for both our exams and healing in our relationship.
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3014 days ago
Dear Butterfly Girl,

Please try your hardest to concentrate on your exams. When i was younger i let boy troubles get in the way of my schooling and regretted it ever since. Your love will grow if you are happy in other areas of your life. If you are not talking then write him a letter with all of your feelings and then do not think about it anymore and revise for your exams. Then after there will be plenty of time to reconcile things with your boyf, the same to your freind. Lots of love x
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