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Healing for my stepfather, son and husband

Posted by pianoplayer61 2966 days ago Health| stepfather son husband pain cancer
I need prayer in many areas of my life.
1. My stepfather - he may have cancer. Please pray that it is nowhere else in his body and can be fully removed.
2. My son - was in a swimming accident last year and broke his neck. He is a quadriplegic. His wife kicked him out in April and his best friend passed away over the weekend. On the upside, he has taken a few steps this week. Please pray that God continues to heal him in body, mind and spirit.
3. My husband - is in constant pain with his back. He is sometimes difficult to live with. He broke his back years ago and has degenerated discs. He also gets migraines. For some reason I sense jealousy, or something, when I do things for my son. He gives me a hard time whenever I do. We are both Christians, but we never pray or study together. Please pray for relief from the back pain and headaches and that we develop a better relationship in spirit. Please also pray that he gains an understanding of my need to be there for my son.
Thank you.
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2961 days ago
Praying here for you and yours! Blessings.
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