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I found love and I never want to lose it

Posted by hope7 2895 days ago Relationships| love young last relationship 14 15 teen
I am a young 14 year old girl about to be 15 who has been in love with the same person for three (3) years.All my life i had felt that something was missing but when I found him I know that he was the missing piece.We are together now and I only want this relationship to be blessed by god.I posted here because..lately I have felt left out by him...sometimes I even feel that I am not good enough for him...Sometimes we don't talk much...most of our conversation are about how much we love each other and how we think of the one another and that is great in my point of view I hope he thinks and feels the same way.I never want our love to end and so I seek for god's eternal glimpse of hope and guidance..I ask for our relationship,our love to be strong and unbreakable and to last until our very last breath.And I wish to be rid of my negativity caused by last experiences with other relationships.I know you some of you might think that I am young for this type of talk but just because I am doesn't mean I can not love for love is for all of us and we all need it.Pleas keep my request in your prayers I will be forever grateful and thanks you for your time in reading this.

God blesses all of you ^w^
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