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Posted by Bradc 3041 days ago Money| debt grandfather money eviction prayer request
I need prayer. I am so depressed. I am a divorced father and grandfather. I have some mishap in the past 5 months and it has ruined me financially. At this point, I am at a risk of losing my apt, my car and having my electricity turned off. I can't even afford food most of the time. I work a job but it is to try and get caught up. I never can. I pray so hard and have so much faith and know that God is going to see me through. I pray that God moves a miracle to move in the next couple of days. I will lose my car and apt. Please I beg you for your prayer. I am so weak from worry. I have no one here and no one else to turn to. Please pray for me.
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3040 days ago
I am also financially burdened....thats is why i am here to find answers and key in my prayer request....but somehow when i read all the prayer requests and yours...I have found myself the answer instead. The miracle of finances is in our tithes......however small...give thanks and offer it to the Father. That is, the seed of all miracle. Crazy it may sound but it is within one seed, that many trees will come forth with even more seeds........
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