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In need of a job to save my home and family

Posted by stevemac1 3037 days ago Money| job career family house
God, I am a sinner. I have sinned and ask You for forgiveness. I know that my sins have lead me to this point in my life. My lies, my cheating, my stealing, have all brought me down this horrible path that I lead. I ask for your forgiveness, cleanse me and make me a better disciple. My wife Joanne, and my sons Alec and Evan are counting on me to provide for them.

I need a good paying job that will pay the bills in a timely fashion, and provide medical insurance for my family. I have borrowed from my family in order to survive all of these months.

Please forgive me, cleanse me. I do not ask this for me, but for my family. Please allow us to become stronger, happier, and save our home. I ask that you make me a better individual so my family will once again have faith in me.
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