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Posted by JASMINE05 2965 days ago Relationships| husband
been married for 15 years i have 4 children with my husband since our marriage my husband leaves when things dont go his way we ahave been seperated since nov with no contact at all i found out 3 years ago that he has been cheating on me in nov at reading his tex messages i found out he is still messing with her she knows that i know about them and its a joke to her please pray for my husband sthat he will not allow the devil to have victory in this marriage r.c kids
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2952 days ago
I'm so very sorry to hear about your husband,Men sometimes think that things are better on the other side,he to will realise that this infatuation wasn't worth all the trouble ,it will just take time.Trust me i have been in a situation similar to yours and though prayer things worked out and now things are better than before.hang on in there

I will pray for you and hope that things get better

God Bless and Good Luck
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