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My 35 year old brother, father of 3, diagnosed with cancer

Posted by capri0405 2943 days ago Health| father brother cancer
My brother was recently diagnosed with cancer. He is still undergoing tests to determine what kind of cancer it is. So far, he has had multiple xrays, ultrasound, CT scan, liver biopsy, two MRIs, blood work, colonscopy, two endoscopes-one with u/s. He is scheduled to have a stint put in and another biopsy, this one of his gallbladder and lymph nodes. Please pray for an aggressive treatment plan, a remission or cure. He has three children ages 2,5,8. We have a prayer group for him on facebook if anyone would like to join, I will be updating as we go along. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=219035371329&ref=nf

Thank you in advance for any prayers you can send for him.
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