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PCOS is healed and i conceive successfully

Posted by rose 2687 days ago Children| treatement success conceive
Please pray that my PCOS is healed and i Conceive i have a checkup tomorrow. please pray that the current treatment is successfull and i conceive,undergo a complete and successfull pregnancy(I had two miscarriage earlier).
Im having a lot of pressure from family side on this matter.
Please pray that God all mighty hear my prayer and tomorrow's and following visits for the treatment is smooth and sucessful.and this treament is a success and we are blessed with a healthy normal child.
I ask this pray through Christ our Lord Amen
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2685 days ago
My mom had PCOS; after tons and tons of IVF, procedures and what not..nothing seemed to be working. One day, she went to her dr for a test, because she "felt like it", and BOOM, she was pregnant with me! 20 years later, we are best friends. I say this prayer for you-to have a family, healthy and strong, and that you will all live long happy lives. AMEN-

Please..read my prayer request as well..I'd appreciate it.
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2684 days ago
Thank you dont worry your Dad definitely has mild infection thats all.

Read Psalms 91 and 121 for protection aloud with your Dad
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