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pray for my sick boyfriend, his healing,our job, our marriage , our future, and my inferiority complex

Posted by miley 2921 days ago Relationships| sick boyfriend his healing job marriage
i'm suffering from inferiority complex from my childhood.everyone says i'm a waste,useless,good for nothing and dumb.no one values my existence except my lover.though I've been a class representative,the hospitality committee leader in my college i feel too inferior. I've been placed in two companies during campus recruitment.if someone else was in my place they would have felt too superior.but still i felt too low.every one took me for granted.part of the reason was because i never showed off my talents,my skills,my abilities.only few spoke good English in my class as i did.but later i avoided speaking English because i felt that others may feel inferior.no one behaves like this to me.they always took me for granted.i don't know how to deal with this.my mom always compares me with others and this makes me feel worst.she even compares me with ten year old kid even though i'm 25 years old now.because of the way others treat me , i never felt comfortable with anyone in this world except my lover.he loves me like a father who loves his beloved kid.i feel too comfortable and precious when i'm with him.i thought that he will be my life partner.we both had great level of understanding.but all our hopes were shattered when doctors told him about his health.i couldn't accept this in my life.we need each other.we just pray that god will heal him completely.please pray for us.and i really don't know how to overcome this inferiority complex in my life.
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2921 days ago
Why should you feel inferior?What do you have to prove to others? You are what you are,Why do you listen to others opinions?What makes their opinions right?If people make you feel bad thats their problem not yours ,have you ever thought that the reason people put you down is because they might be jealous of all you have achieved,people who have to boost about themselves do so because they feel inferior and by telling you how good they are makes them feel better about themselves.Jesus loves us all just the way we are.and we are all special with lots of differences,just remember your good qualities and try not to think about how you have failed.I hope your boyfriend gets well and have faith in yourself,God didn't create junk he created wonderful individuals.I will pray for you.God Bless
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