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Prayer for marriage, for healing and reconciliation to come

Posted by Timothyk 2970 days ago Relationships| wife healing marriage
Need continued prayers for my wife's healing, for God to place forgiveness in her heart for me, and that she will want to move toward the restoration of our marriage. I have told her that I want to reconcile, and have done all that I can to let her know that I want our marriage forever. She has told me she doesn't know if she wants our marriage anymore, and doesn't know if she will ever trust me again and move past this. She says I need to give her time and space to figure out what she wants now, during this separation, and I know I need to give her that. I also face unemployment, as my company is in bankruptcy, and the job market is tough. I having a hard time coping with all of this, and the fact that she may not want us ever again. We have been together for 23 years, and married for over 21 years. Our names are Tim & Heidi in NJ
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