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praying for security in a foreign land

Posted by stan10 2926 days ago Travel|
I want God to intervene in my case i supposed to be renewing my residential permit last two weeks ,i went to the police and they have changed the rules concerning that and its very difficult for a foreigner to be able to renew the permit now,it only needs God 's intervention for it to be possible,so today the police force charged me to court,that i must appear there tomorrow ,and that the court will rule that i be deported,but i guess they will also want me to pay Big fine.I want the almighty God that i serve,the omnipotent and omniscient God to make the judge to be lenient on me ,I dot want to be deported back to my country now after spending three years here and no criminal record here.Let the favor come from God upon my life tomorrow.thank you Lord
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