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protection from my family

Posted by jessica1 2944 days ago Relationships| family
please pray for me i have two half brother and a sister. they also smoke weed and drink and have not done anything constructive with their life's. i have despite the odds have a degree and good job and brought my house. my youngest brother for the last 10 years has been terrorizing my life with lies. i decided to keep myself form family. but my sister and other family member's constantly contact other family members to get information on how my life is going and if it is going bad.
in October 09 my sister stated that she hopes that my current partner beats me up when we get married and she Will be there laughing. i decided to cut all ties as she know that my previous partner use to beat me. now my youngest brother has told everyone in my family that he is going to destroy my life, make me lose my job,career,and my kids. he says that it is unfair that i have done something with my life and i have turned out good. he is not working and i feel he is demon possessed everyone is scared of him due to his violent and evil nature. he has gone to the police spreading dirty lies about me. he want to bring and fear and control to my life. i have been fasting and praying about this but every tine i pray i hear more bad news what my brother is doing to me. please pray for deliverance from my enemy which is my brother krissonie. and for protection over my life, my job and my kids, and that his plans for social services to take my kids will not come to pass
in Jesus name.
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