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Son Questioning His Sexuality

Posted by edwardwise10 2854 days ago Children| son gay identity confusion
16yr old son is feeling extremely loney and alienated and now believes he may be gay. Please pray that God will nenew his mind and heal his emotional state. that God will subside these attractions and bring him in alignment with His Word.
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2840 days ago
God loves him not matter who he is.
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2837 days ago
'God doesn't make junk', and 'God doesn't make mistakes'. My hair is brown and that's the way God made it. God also knows that I really love chocolate but I don't care at all for white chocolate. You simply can't make me like white chocolate no matter what. I pray for God's will in my life and I believe God created the connection I have with my husband, and no one else. If you pray for God's will in your son's life and he remains gay, then I would not argue with God. I would pray for acceptance of God's will in my son's life. Continue to pray for understanding and God will reveal himself to your heart. But you must be willing.
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2833 days ago
I thank you God that you are great enough to have given us free will even if we are then able to use it to choose to be something that was not in your will for us, that you love us enough to allow us to walk our path of discovery knowing that if we love you in return we will come back to your vision of who you created us to be. I pray that this young man will find, early in his life, your vision of who you originally created him to be and that his dad will have your heart to allow him this space in love. Amen.
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