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Healing and Fast Recovery

Posted by Sushi 1537 days ago Health| icu
Husband fell broke leg in several places, moved to ICU because BP dropped.Is on dialysis. Read More
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Mother's health

Posted by rose 1587 days ago Health| mother's health
Please pray that my mother's health and my sister kids health should be fine.
Her blood test should come normal.The blood count should be within normal range.Please lord she has always cared and loved us and has been your devout follower in all circumstances.Please help her and protect her from all sickness and health issues. Read More
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Please pray for my Brother who is suffering from BRAIN TUMOR

Posted by UmaA 2997 days ago Health| brain tumor
I am deeply grateful for your prayers. My heart is breaking for my brother who is suffering from BRAIN TUMOR. He is just 26 yrs old and married for last 6 month. I am worried about my brother life & his wife's future. It is difficult to watch him suffer so much. Please pray that he should get healed completely and also get his happy married life. Read More
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over coming a stronghold in my life

Posted by scobos 2997 days ago Health| stronghold
I have been battling with my weight for about 10 years now! I've been up and down like a roller coaster, doing it in my strength and will power. Now I know that I need to do it in Gods strength. Ever since I've been "trying" to depend on the Lord, it seems like everything that can be thrown at me has been and more!! I just want this battle over with, I want to be healthy for myself and my kids. Read More
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Kidney failur

Posted by johnpaul 2998 days ago Health| kidney failur
Dear in Christ,
My younger brother Johnson Yesudas,who is 24 years old, is suffering form kidney failure now he is under going dialysis, the Dr. finally told that his kidneys will never recover, have to transplant, the dialysis is also not good for he body, every dialysis will make an impact to the body and will gradually effect the other organs and make the body weak .
We have a high hope and Read More
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Healing and SALVATION for Steve

Posted by tc7 3000 days ago Health|
Please pray for Steve's salvation. He does not yet know the Lord. He also needs healing from the pain of a relationship 'hurt' over a year ago. The spirit of REJECTION is controlling his life and his self confidence and esteem is very low. Read More
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