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Blessed viewing

Posted by hedgelayer 1630 days ago Money|
Dear Lord, we pray that you bless the viewings on our property and that the viewers buy it. Please take this burden from us. Amen Read More
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house for us

Posted by rose 1648 days ago Money| house
please pray that we get a good house.
All our finance depend on it
Please God help us,this is all our saving
please protect and guide us
God you are our protector and our guide.
Please help my sister as well Read More
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please help me to pray my mom,marie anne,im only 14 alone at home urgent prayer

Posted by sweety11 1667 days ago Relationships|
please help me to pray my moms work that her manager give her morning shifts instead night ,im alone at home ,
and lord pls touch my uncle elroy that he can talk one day my mom i feel sad i saw my mom crying ,and lonely,pls lord send some angels i know lord you hear me , Read More
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Prayer request for a breakthrough

Posted by jkenei 2180 days ago Money|
I am fighting a spiritual battle with the enemy. I have been moving from crisis to crisis in the last few years.I have come to know the reason is the works of the enemy through evil altars erected in our family.Kindly join me in destroying these evil altars through prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.Pray also that Godly altars be erected in my life.
I am seriously looking for a job. I am stuck i Read More
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trailer i approve need money

Posted by needhim1966 2928 days ago Money|
i come today giving God all my praises for all the blessings He has giving me that i asked for He has provided the transfer with job to corpus Christi to be closer to grandson and family and i got the call by God helping me though prayer i was approved to buy an used trailer i just coming asking and praying again that God help me and in His way provide me with the 3500.00 down payment i know God Read More
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please pray for me, my life is falling appart

Posted by quentin 2929 days ago Relationships| wife
Pray with me, my wife of 16 years left me because i wasn't around much for the past 2 years,working away from home.I am struggling to find a job,resigned to try and save marriage. My wife also have the wrong friends that support her decision. I don't want to loose her. Need Gods intervention. Read More
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