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Dad's biopsy results in tomrrow; please, please..pray for/with my family.

Posted by abercrombieblondie2008 2686 days ago Health|
My Dad had a biopsy done on his prostate last week; we get the results in tomorrow. It is either going to be an infection, or prostate cancer and we are hoping and praying it is not prostate cancer. PLEASE pray for my family; we are extremely close, and it would be so tragic for this to happen. This has however, put things into perspective and we realize more then ever how lucky, we are to have e Read More
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PCOS is healed and i conceive successfully

Posted by rose 2688 days ago Children| treatement success conceive
Please pray that my PCOS is healed and i Conceive i have a checkup tomorrow. please pray that the current treatment is successfull and i conceive,undergo a complete and successfull pregnancy(I had two miscarriage earlier).
Im having a lot of pressure from family side on this matter.
Please pray that God all mighty hear my prayer and tomorrow's and following visits for the treatment is smo Read More
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